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Our story

Luc's fajita Hut was born from friendship, and shared love & passion for food. This is the most important page on our website. Although the shortest, most definitely the sweetest.

For those who do not know, Luc's fajita hut is named in dedication after our brown bear, Lucas Martellacci. Lucas was as genuine as they come- this kid would walk into a room with his crooked grin and put a smile on every face in the room. 

Dreams and beer banter constantly occurred about someday opening up restaurants of our own. When the opportunity presented itself- after LJ discovered the first fajita hut trailer, he knew what the name for this new food truck had to be. Luc's Fajtia hut was born. A re-birthing tribute to one of our best friends. His legacy and charisma will live on. 

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