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Luc's Delivery Service

Due to the current state & climate of the world... Luc's has decided to help out the good folks of West Milford and offer an at home delivery service. Our drivers are young kids working as independents and we ask to please tip them in cash! (min should be $10)

Please refer to the below map and info as we are following strict delivery guide lines

Delivery time is 3pm - close

Union Valley Road

All of union valley and neighborhoods to Dongan Lane / Hi-lo terrace neighborhood

Clinton Road

Clinton Road from UGL, neighborhoods and roads to Brookfield Road only

Warwick Turnpike 

All of Warwick Turnpike neighborhoods, and streets to Bowen Road, and down Bowen road to Brady

Up the Mountain 

All of UGL, Brady drive to Bowen, No Cascade

Greenwood Lake NJ & NY

We deliver all around the lake, Awosting, East Shore, Lakeside Rd, Jersey Ave to Emerald point only. We do not go past Cumberland Farms

Otterhole Road

We deliver Otterhole road from Westbrook to Schofield Road (Schofield neighborhoods, Larsen road and all of maple road included)

Macopin Road

All of Macopin road, streets and neighborhoods to Maple road only, this includes the High- school and all of Ridge road

Westbrook Road

All of Westbrook road from Macopin to Stonetown road in Ringwood, including Morsetown road, Kitchell, all of Ridge, and Cahil Cross Road


Delivery to All of Stonetown Road, Margeret Kind road to the police station only

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